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So why am I so concerned about what is being said about a too expensive, highly limited watch? For one thing I find the product fascinating.  I am hungry for details on the mechanics and what went into it. I mean, we are talking about the most complicated watch in the world. The thing is beautiful, I want details people! But a more important point is that the very discussion of the watch has an important role in getting people more interested in mechanical watches. I make it clear that I am trying to get more Americans interested in watches and mechanical watches. All of you who are reading this know that most of the people close to you are sort of curious as to why you like watches so much - like it is some personality defect. But we know they are just among "the uninitiated." A further reason why this is all important is because some of these complications will inevitably fall into lower cost timepieces. No matter how much I wanted this watch, I can't afford .5 million. If any of you can, please enjoy your privileged lives. For the rest of us, we can develop an appreciation for the technology now, and recognize it later when Jaeger-LeCoultre or another company places it in a watch that our lifestyles and budgets can finally stomach. By the way, aren't the stacked pushers on the side of the case really cool (as seen above)?

As nature survival series go, Man vs. Wild is pretty entertaining. I often want the show to be longer, showing more detailed elements of survival in harsh areas of the world without relying on most of the "tools of civilization" we rely on. I've also been getting into another survival show called Apocalypse Man (on the History Channel). This show is similar in concept, but sort of the reverse. The guy here wears a Nike digital watch I am pretty sure, but at the end of the show in the credits, there is a clear message thanking Casio. Maybe the crew has them. Apocalypse man is all about a guy trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world. He is in cities, but they are totally devoid of people. So he has to scavenge and build things - it is pretty cool. Sad and sort of humorous is that the cities he is in that are all ghost town are probably in Louisiana (post Katrina) and in Michigan. What the shows have in common aside from the survivalist slant, is that they are both "looking for other people." Bear is looking to get rescued while the Apocalypse man is just looking for other (friendly) humans. I do recommend it if you get a chance to see it. That of course goes for both shows.

Praesto Modern Fliegeruhr Aviator Watch Coming Soon Sales & Auctions

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Sinn U1 White Limited Edition Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

Cartier watches are undeniably sexy and have an excellent brand image. Not always the watch for when you want something horologically interesting on your wrist, they are a great default watch for days you want something "simply nice" on your wrist. Still a jeweler in spirit, Cartier strives for that polished high-end look as opposed to being overtly avant garde. Conservative and nice is their main design drive.

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My Bremont Martin-Baker Watch Article On

My Bremont Martin-Baker Watch Article On
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Jacques Lemans Mega Blow Out: Prices Slashed Up To 70% Off the MSRP.

See Gerald Genta watches on eBay here.Gerald Genta Arena Metasonic Sonnerie Watch - 0,000 Watch Releases

Project X Designs Ultimate Custom Rolex Watches Hands-On Hands-On

This is a hell of a F.P. Journe watch from about 2004-2005 and really resonates with me because it epitomizes what I like in the brand. Some of their other watches just feel like too little for too much, but this Tourbillon Souverain came out when the brand was smoking hot, and everyone was paying attention. An earlier F.P. Journe's Tourbillon Souverain was released before this model, but this watch added a lot to the timepiece and refined the looks of the face. Aside from looking cool, this timepiece has a ton of interesting things going on inside.

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Speedmaster Reduced versus Speedmaster Professional

Pita really likes crownless cases, and the Carousel is a good example of this concept in execution. A design developed by Pita makes the case back of the watch the crown. Meaning you turn it to adjust the time. I believe the Pita-002 movement is manually wound. While it uses parts Pita gets, they designed the movement and really make it their own. Nothing like it out there. Look closely at the dial and you can see the many ball bearings that the watch movement spins on.

A big trend on modified Rolex watches is to make them black. Why? Not sure. Black is a hot color, and Rolex has no watches that it sells in black. A color such as blue or red is often applied as trim. The dial of the watches get some special treatment, and often the modified watches (at least the really good ones, get specially engraved casebacks as well. Some people want only subtle alterations to the designs they love (which would include the Pro-Hunter watches), and others want something a bit more wild (not a mild!). Pro-Hunter Military Single Red DeepSea Rolex Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

I don't know how a watch like this slipped through the cracks. It came out just last summer as a limited edition. This is a very interesting and rare Sinn watch that is thankfully available on James List, and for not that much dough. Many of you know of the super functional and durable Frankfurt, Germany based watch maker Sinn. A few years ago they released one of their most style forward watches ever, the U1. It has a few limited editions including an all black, Sinn U Black (not typo, just "U"). Well this is another limited edition, called the Sinn U1 White (sometimes U1 Snow). It takes the almost opposite approach than that of the all back U Black. The White is a high contrast U1 model that is not only easy to read, but really stands out. White is quite a hot color right now for watches, and the U1 Snow capitalizes on that fact with a white strap and dial. The rest of the watch though is in PVD coated black. Combine the black & white look with the Bauhaus style of the dial hands and numerals you have yourself a winning design, at least in my humble opinion.

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Here is a cool set of new Casio G-Shock watches that are coming very soon. And they are pretty economical to bat. Aside from new styling that is still utterly "G-Shock," the G-Rescue G7900 series of watches is specially made to be very cold resistant. They will survive negative four (- 4) degrees Fahrenheit. That is like like negative what in Celsius? I don't know, I am an American - we aren't expected to know these things. If you want a blank stare from me, trying explaining the size of something in centimeters. Millimeters I am OK with though.. gonna know that for watch case sizes!

Allow me to present you with another watch concept from Switzerland based Virtual Ideas, a design firm that creates watches for established watch companies (a lot of the time large companies rely on smaller, independent design firms when it comes to watch design. They then figure out how to produce it, market it, and then sell it). The first concept I shared with you (a while back) was the Pink Panther watch concept. The concept watch here is called "Big Time." You can see the thematic similarity to their previous concept design.

Cartier Oops With New Les Must Collection Ad? Watch Industry News

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High-Speed MOMO Design Time

Even though the case is 52mm wide, it should be relatively light given the titanium case material. The leather strap is thickly made and uses a very good style of double contrast stitching in both red and yellow to match the tones of the dials. PVD is applied to the case to give it the black colors. The process must be very touch to result in the checkerboard look on the side as well as the BRM logo on the face of the watch. Price for this timepiece on James List right now is about ,500.

You don't see Universal Geneve watches in the US to often, but they are pretty common in Europe. I was surprised to see a number of them being sold when I was in Germany. So if you don't see them for sale in the US, you merely need to take a trip online. Wait, you are already there. These Microtor watches by Universal Geneve are going to be officially launched at Baselworld 2010 in April, so wait until then if you can't bear to live without one.

Select Mondaine Watches From JCK That I Liked Feature Articles

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See the collection of available Longio watches here.

Last Chance To Enter For Free Phosphor e-Ink Watch Giveaway + Discount

Last Chance To Enter For Free Phosphor e-Ink Watch Giveaway + Discount

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Call me a brand whore but I really like Louis Vuitton watches. I am not too interested in the other stuff they sell for the most part, but their Tambour watches always get me excited. The Tambour Diver is on my wish list of watches, while this newer Tambour Two-Tone more  dressy watch is a great fashion watch. A few varieties in a subsidiary seconds dial, a GMT model, and a chronograph. Gold is used throughout the watch complimented with the steel. A really nice line with a name that you secretly like to have on your wrist.

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Perfect Cartier Tank Replica

The watches are big, being 46mm wide, but don't feel as big on your wrist. Crystal is thankfully sapphire. The colors on the dial look nice, but not silly looking. The hands do stand out enough, so the watch isn't too difficult to read. One thing you'll notice is the large flatter crown. It has a nice inlaid Citizen Promaster logo in it. Most of the functions need to be read about to be used, but once you learn how to use the watch, it isn't that complex. When you have the nice looking timepiece on your wrist, it is nice to know that it never needs a battery replacement, and doesn't need to be set because it is atomic clock controlled. That and the easy to use world-timer function make it a perfect travel watch, or everyday watch. Plus the watch is sophisticated enough to keep you interested in it for a while.

Which does present a problem. It looks hot, and is very impressive looking, but does not exactly carry the function as of a watch.. Turns out though - the real thrill is on the inside. The Dior Christal Mysterieuse employs a sapphire crystal mystery movement developed by several pioneers in manufacturing - known as the Quinting Manufacture. A collaborative effort of five engineers, including 3 Swiss watchmakers, an automotive engineer, and an electro-technical engineer - this watch is not just remarkable for its aesthetic but for the work inside. Priced at 20,000 euros seems very democratic, when the years and levels of input are considered.

I chose the Bathys Benthic Ti (titanium) as the first watch to write about for this brand. There is no particular reason that I haven't written about Bathys watches yet - I simply needed to get around to it. Now you might hear about this Hawaiian watch brand often. I like well-made, uniquely styled watch that are still not too controversial looking. The fact that Bathys watches as priced well helps it make a watch you should know about - a lot about. While Bathys has both automatic and quartz watches, this is one of the quartz versions. A similar watch (without the same calendar complications) is available with a Swiss ETA 2892-2 movement. However this version has a Swiss Ronda 7003 Mastertech watch that includes the retrograde day of the week display and date - in addition to the time of course. I think this is one of the most diminutive day of the week indicators out there. So allow me to go off on a tangent for a minute on what a day of the week indicator is good in a watch like this - from Hawaii.

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Omega Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide Part 2

E-ink is named as such because the high contrast display looks a lot like paper. Meaning it is easy to read and easy on the eyes (with no backlight required in lit instances. This is the first watch you'll have where people don't need to ask you what time it is. They can clearly see it on your wrist without having to ask. So the company is Phoshpor and the model is the Digital Hour Clock watch. Dismiss the awkward name and focus on the immediately pleasing to the eye display as well as watch case. The first generation of Phosphor e-ink watches used a round case with analog hands on top of an e-ink display. This next generation of watches from the brand finally become more comfortable with the technology and the unique benefits of e-ink, so they removed all things "analog."

My Favorite Ball Watches At JCK, Big And Lots Of Lume Feature Articles

For one thing, you have a very clean exhibition of the tourbillon on the dial instead of looking through to your wrist between sandwiches of sapphire crystal, you see the tourbillon escapement on a plate of gold with perlage polishing. Classy and sensible. Then you have the watch dial that is smaller and off centered and a subsidiary "dead seconds" (I will get to that in a bit). Don't miss the power reserve indicator as well. The full name of the watch is the ridiculous sounding "F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain - Remontoir d’Egalité avec Seconde Morte," but I will spare you that title by not continually repeating it.

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