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Living with the Orient Automatic Diver Ref. CFD0C001B I can easily recommend it as a daily wear. It is comfortable, attractive, a workhorse, and functional. The best part is that the retail price of ,800 is often discounted. Such as right now on Orient watches' website as per a father's day promotion (this particular watch is discounted by 40%). I don't know how long this promotion will last. See the Orient Diver Automatic CFD0C001B watch here.

Movado Master Collection Watches: Readable Museum Watch Face!

Movado Master Collection Watches: Readable Museum Watch Face!

Court Orders F.P. Journe To Pay Jaquet Droz Legal Costs In Lost Case Over Intellectual Property Rights Watch Industry News

Vulcain Anniversary Heart Cricket Watch For President Barack Obama: Thoughts Watch Releases

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Unlike most skeletonized watches the dial is really easy to read. Panerai made sure that all the necessary markers are there and with bright lume applied to them. As such, there is no real part of the skeletonization that makes it difficult to read. You can tell from the images of the watch that I am wearing that it is a good looking timepiece with lots of utility. Note that is a pre-production model that I handled a lot so there are lots of finger smudges on the front and rear of the watch.

I wrote about the new series of Perrelet Semi-Skeletonized Split-Seconds Chronograph watches on Haute Living. The interesting like obvious is skeletonized and is a rattrapante (split seconds chronograph). In doing so, Perrelet has given the line a very unique style and high value for the originality. Prices are between about ,000 - ,000. Read the full article on Haute Living here.

Get Wristwatch Annual 2010

Get Wristwatch Annual 2010

I recall first learning about the Orient Diver Automatic Ref. CFD0C001B watch a while ago on a Japanese watch website. I didn't know anything about the brand, but was impressed by the solid looking diver watch that seemed to have a lot of what people like in a diver. I compared it with high-end diver watches from Seiko, and it looked to be a competent contender. Still, I didn't know about the brand, and it was too expensive at almost ,000 to trying it out without having experienced it. Flash forward to today, when Orient has officially entered the US market, and the watches are no longer "not in US exotics." I finally got my hands on Orient's current flagship diving watch, and have a lot of good things to say about it.

Rolex Air King

The watch itself is done in high grade steel with a beautiful bead-blasted finish. The CNC precision cut case has a lot of nice details. The bezel is notched like an underwater vessel porthole window. The curved lugs jut out with purpose and wrap around your wrist a bit. The bottom of the case is beautiful. I know that is a weird thing to say about a watch caseback, but it is true. The smoothness of the machine work is clearly evident and really enjoy the engraving on the screw down caseback. Toothing blends to mirror polish and then wave pattern engraving with details about the watch. The work is impressive even if it came from a mainstream watch maker with access to fancier machinery. There on the back you'll also see the number of the watch in the limited edition of 500 pieces as well as the name of the man who designed the watch - Brian F. Green.

The Lumzilla uses a Japanese automatic ref. SII NH25A11J movement. A hardy movement that I believe offers handwinding (in addition to the automatic winding). Check with LUM-TEC on that. Attached to the case are very high grade (anti-static) rubber straps with signed matching buckles. Having viewed the evolving line of LUM-TEC watches I can easily say that the brand is going places quickly. In addition to the mass appeal of the sporty but approachable designs, the timepieces are getting increased attention resulting in refinement upgrades. Notice for example the date disc in the window that matches the color of the dial. A nice touch that was not available on earlier LUM-TEC watch models. The best part about LUM-TEC watches is that you can be sure they are made by watch lovers, not just marketing people. For that reason you can be sure that they are worried about all the little things that go into having a high utility reliable timepiece - not just a watch that sits as a fashion accessory on your wrist.

Bear Grylls Sticks With Casio: Wears G-Shock In Current Man Vs. Wild Season Watch Releases

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So again - pro or con - time should not be a factor in admiring the Dior Christal Mysterieuse.

Horus Ultramarinum Watch Watch Releases

With the changing climate of consumer spending, even in the once-sacred luxury goods market, brands such as Swarovski are poised to do well - if they keep at it correctly. Everyone loves crystals... Even when they say they don't, they do. They catch your eye when the light hits it - they match ANY outfit - and are just fun. And, when it comes to Swarovski, there really is no other brand - company - designer out there that do crystals like Swarovski does crystals. They are the masters.

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According to Tag Heuer, the Monaco V4 watch took them 14,200 days of research and development to make. That is sure a lot of time. Something like years. Still that does not make sense, as it is many people working on the project together. The watch case takes the familiar Monaco shape, but is made out of 950 platinum. Very ritzy for a Tag Heuer. There is a large sapphire crystal over the face and caseback that is specially curved, and I am sure the watch looks simply fantastic. The dial has an interesting curved three dimensional look. The watch does not have much for functions though. Just the time with a subsidiary seconds dial that I once thought was a power reserve indicator as it looks like one. At least the blue hands stand out nicely.

Chef Anthony Bourdain And His Ernst Benz ChronoFlite World Timer Watch Watch Releases

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang watches

Around the dial is a rotating diver style bezel (always a plus in my opinion). It is white as well with rubber and a rose gold tone metal outside. The rubber will likely help prevent scratches. I worry a bit about all the white getting dirty over time. This hasn't happened yet, but mere dirt and such should clean off. Most angles on the 46mm wide steel case are polished, but the exception of the tops of the lugs that are brushed. Detailing on the case is generally good, with a high gloss and good look for a mass produced timepiece. Edges are sharp angles, but not harsh to the touch. Over the watch dial is a nicely AR coated sapphire crystal. Flip the watch over and the caseback is nicely engraved with the TX logo. I think it is funny and cute that there is a little fish design near the 10 ATM (100 meters) water resistance text.

I love that Tag Heuer made this watch. I don't love that I can't afford it, but at least a few people can. Tag Heuer is hoping that 150 people bite. The first of 150 pieces of this new Tag Heuer Monaco V4 watch will be auctioned off at the Only Watch 2009 charity watch auction. The other 149 of them are up for grabs. Tag Heuer has been known to make interesting watch concepts that that are eye catching, but I don't know how often they ever actually made the watches. With the average price of a Tag Heuer watch retailing at probably ,000 this is a major step up. I wonder watch is going on at LVMH (parent company) that made this possible.

Angular Momentum's newest timepiece collection is based on something very Japanese. Maybe Seiko or Citizen will be pissed? Angular Momentum's Urushi watch collection uses just that, the ancient natural Japanese lacquer. Urushi actually comes from a tree and is likely a specialized sap from a tree native to Japan, sometimes called the Varnish or Lacquer tree. For centuries, it seems that the compound has been used for various purposes, and still used today for decorative purposes. Angular Momentum has taken Urushi and created a series of watch that embody various manners of Japanese symbolism on them. The sap dries to be very hard (like plastic), and is very smooth. The sap itself is not black and red naturally when it dries as you see on the watches. Instead it is colored with iron or ferric oxide often for the black and red colors you see. It is quite an amazing natural compound, and is hard to believe it is not synthetic.

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Casio G-Shock MT-G MTG1100-1A Watch

Casio G-Shock MT-G MTG1100-1A Watch

A sexy bracelet that tells time. By Gucci.

Silicium PVD coated titanium; limited edition of EIGHT pieces

Rado True

To buy or learn more about the Linde Werdelin 3-Timer watch go here.

F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain With Constant Force Escapement And Dead Seconds Available On James List

F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain With Constant Force Escapement And Dead Seconds Available On James List

I feel lucky being so deep in the watch world that I get to experience watches that most people don't even know exist. And when I mean most people - I mean even the majority of watch lovers out there. Part of my work (I hope) is to  share new and interesting products with you, that you in turn will share with other people - because while some of this stuff is very rare, it does not mean it is so unique as to be outside of mainstream taste. Take this Culinary watch from America-based Morpheus watches. It is a fun and inviting timepiece that I think will appeal to many people. Problem is that a lot of people who might like this watch will have a tough time finding out about it. Like many other industries, it pays to be connected so that you can learn about the newest and more interesting things.

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