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Three more modded models are a Rolex GMT Master II, Sea-Dweller, and Submariner each with original parts and DLC coated. A new vision of classic in a bolder black tone. They are 100% identifiable as Rolex watches of their respective models, but in black. You do want people recognizing them as actual Rolex watches of course. There are then two other models that take the modification concept a bit further. First is a interesting rendition of a Rolex Explorer II in all black DLC with red color applied into the engraved numerals around the bezel. It has a striking military inspired look that balances well with the red colored GMT hand. It wasn't easy for Time and Gems to insert the red color into the bezel - something I understand they are continually working to perfect. Even more interesting is an all black DLC coated Rolex Submariner with a real carbon fiber dial. The process involved removing the original Rolex dial, and printing a carbon fiber dial with the proper text. Next, the original hour indicators and hands are reapplied.

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Inside the watch is an interesting use of a movement. Essentially the watch has one of Seiko's Kinetic quartz movements inside - though it is not called that. The movement is instead called an "I-Matic"  and is made by Epson (which is Seiko's parent company). For those of you not familiar with this movement, it is a quartz, but does not require battery changes. Instead, it has a rotor just like automatic mechanical movements which is uses to charge the internal battery that powers the watch. The watch will run for 180 days on a full charge. The Red8 watch expresses some of these details clearly on the dial. Features like this keep the cost down, as Red8 intends for its watches to be of a high quality, but not unaffordable.

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Lastly, I wanted to talk about the dial. The most important part of the watch. It is covered in a gently curved sapphire crystal that has been anti reflective (AR) coated on the inside. Each of the hour markers is large and has a rich amount of SuperLumiNova applied on top of a highly polished steel base. It make for a good look. I would have however liked the hour indicator at 12 o'clock to be different looking, but that is a personal preference. The hands are also easy to read and share the high level of polish and luminant coating. I would have liked the the luminant to extend a bit further down the hands though - a small issue. Overall the dial is very easy to read, and has individual minute markers. The center of the dial has a slightly depressed ring that is normally for the hour hand to follow. This is a curious part of the design that frankly took me a while to figure out. At first glance I though the numbers scale was upside down. Meaning that the top of the ring shows "30" and the bottom shows "0." It seems as though it should be the other way around, and then I realized that this scale is meant to be followed by the counterweight arrow on the seconds hand, not the front of it. Using that end of the seconds hand to follow the center ring, it makes sense. Accordingly, the red lightning bolt with arrow as the counterweight of the seconds hand is a nice touch that I enjoy.

The black color of the case and thick alligator leather strap make for an appealing an aggressive look. The lume on the hour markers and hands is a friendly canary yellow color. It is a soft touch to the watch,and allows the Hard Black II to be very legible. Linde Werdelin has currently been experimenting with many different types of colors, which might sound like they are just trying to extend one look as far as they can, but I am surprised at how dynamic the core Linde Werdelin watch case line is. Overall, this black and yellow scheme looks great on the Hard Black II as much as the DLC coating looks good on the Linde Werdelin "The One" watch base. One of the best luxury reminders of the watch is the even though the case is finished in a matte tone, the laser-cut hands and hour markers (around the lume) is highly polished which makes for a nice shimmery look. The dial is easy to read through the AR coated sapphire crystal. The case is water resistant to 300 meters (1000 feet).

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MB&F And Alain Silberstein HM2.2 "Black Box" Watch Watch Releases

I've just come up with a new saying you are all free to use. "Watches are wearable art we feel comfortable putting on because they actually do something." It is the proverbial excuse us men need to put on something that can be arguably purely decorative. A drugstore Timex will tell the time, but is it nice enough to adorn? Arguably not in many instances. Is a very expensive and highly stylized Thomas Prescher watch merely an item to tell the time? Not in the least. Rather it is a serious hand-made piece of art with the added "justification" that it does something useful like tell the time. This my friends is why men like watches and aren't seen typically with jewelry.

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Instead of a standard dashboard clock, the Bugatti Galibier will feature a removable Parmigiani tourbillon clock/watch. I actually had to rewrite part of this article before posting it as I just learned more about the watch Parmigiani released a bit more details about. Previously I thought that the tourbillon watch would be some type of modified Parmigiani Type 370.  Bugatti wasn't being clear as to what Parmigiani watch it will be, but it turned out not to be the Parmigiani Bugatti Type 370 Centenaire watch. This timepiece has been around for a while (since 2004) and has always been connected with Bugatti. Seen here is the newest version that comes in gold or platinum and has an engraving pattern all over the same meant to look like the famous tightly woven metal of the Bugatti 'gravestone' looking grill.

For me the watch is an impressive tour de force of the magic that gets so many of us interesting in mechanical watches - the type of item with a spirit that would inspire us to put up a poster of it up, the same way a child too young to drive hastily tapes a Ferrari poster to his wall. A item that remains most likely an unattainable dream, showing the world that we too, can appreciate those things in life which are finely engineered. And with the Gerald Genta Arena Metasonic watch that too is a reality. For it is part of a limited edition, of only 10 pieces which are painfully hand made and assembled. Coming with a lofty, fantasy-like price of 0,000. Even though that is less money that the .5 million Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Mechanica watch set, it feels less tangible and more of a story book relic.

It's a pocket watch. It is also a nice pocket watch. Further still, it is a Japanese pocket watch, and from Orient Japan. Not what you expect to see these days, but there is still a market for pocket watches, and you might be one of those people who want one. Pocket watches have a sort of romance to them. Something from another era, when telling the time was a classy occasion. Back when not everyone could afford a watch - and having one meant you meant something.

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Lastly, Tourneau needs to leverage their presence. Make the store itself a destination. Have appealing displays, discuss interesting watches and technology. Move away from the crowded, cluttered watch cases where no specific timepiece can standout. Do all this Tourneau, and then let's talk. Until then Mr. Seuss, good luck until March. I'll be seeing you.... Please wear a "Cat in the Hat" hat on your first day of work, I implore you. Tourneau

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- Valgranges A07.111 - Hour, minute, second and date.
- Valgranges A07.161 - Hour, minute, second, date and power reserve.
- Valgranges A07.171 - Hour, minute, second, date and 24 hour hand with second time mechanism.
- Valgranges A07.211 - Hour, minute, second, date and chronograph.

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Swiss ETA movements are growing up. No, not maturing exactly, but literally growing larger. They need to be! Most of the ETA movements in your favorite watches were designer in the 1970s. Nothing wrong with that, but they are designed for smaller watches. The trend for larger watches is not going to diminish and larger watches need larger movements. Why? Well a few reasons. Size in the case is actually not a major reason. It has more to do with the hands. Ever notice how larger watch faces often have hands that look too short? Well I do because this is a major pet peeve of mine. I hate stubby hands which are too short. Sometimes this is just bad design, other times this is technical necessity. Larger hands weight more and require more torque to move. The smaller movements just weren't designed for hands that look proper on today's larger sized watch faces. Sure there are exceptions, but generally the existing movements can't handle the hands. Well the new larger ETA movements are all titled "Valgranges," and will initially come in four movement models.

Years from now when historians are going over this era and Obamaphanelia (just made the term up, please start spreading it around) is popular, I think this will be a year nice collector's item. If it even leaves the Obama clan that is. The point of all this semi-intelligible blogging is that Vulcain did a nice job with the Anniversary Heart watch, Obama should enjoy it and wear it on occasion, and that Vulcain should do a much better job taking advantage of this obvious marketing opportunity - especially in the US. Oh, and people should know that while he might not wear it, the President does have at least one luxury watch at his disposal.

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It was years ago now - more than 10- when I first saw what was to become this Bugatti Galibier 16C Concept car. It was the Bugatti EB 218, a concept that shared the same fastback shape and uber luxury stance as this close to production Bugatti Galibier 16C automotive. Perhaps the EB 218 was a bit more attractive, but certainly not as advanced. Car lovers have known for a while now that Bugatti was to follow up its money losing 16/4 Veyron over a million dollar car, with other vehicles. Little is known about the details of this Bugatti Galibier but it will not be the significantly lower priced sports car we are looking forward to. It is an all new sedan, also with a 16 cylinder 8 liter engine and a two-stage supercharger. What is interesting about the engine is that it is made to be a Flex Fuel motor. Meaning it can accept standard gasoline as well as ethanol. No, it is not being marketed by GM. The car also features a substantial amount of carbon fiber as well as the large polished aluminum sides. Yes, that is right, the car features aluminum siding.

The two new models are the Blizzard 010 and the Aurora 009 watch. The numbers seems to indicate what model the watches are in chronological order. You can tell that GoS is newer, and is careful about releasing models. Both of the watches share the same thick 44mm wide steel cases and have either mesh metal or leather straps. The differences are in the dials. Both employ unique forms of Damascus metal forgery. The Blizzard has a titanium chapter ring cut like jagged teeth that double as the hour markers. There is a small signature circular blade shape that is the subsidiary seconds dial. Really no two of the watches will ever look alike. The blued steel hands are a nice chilly scene to go with the "Blizzard" name. Next is the Aurora 009 watch that has a more classic look mixed with the chemical tones of steel with dark hues and greens. Instead of a titanium chapter ring, the Aurora has titanium cylinders on the dial that make up the hour markers like raised columns.

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