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Having said that, wrist space is an incredibly useful place to put technology. It is easily accessible, easy to see, easy to wear, and most importantly, it is wholly convenient. As humans we have populated our wrists with devices to tell the time starting about 100 years ago, and today in 2014, we should be using the same space in order to offer a range of new information – that includes the time. The Apple Watch isn't a death blow to the original watch; in fact, it is the most watch-inspired consumer wrist gadget of all time - even more so than round-cased smartwatches, such as the Moto 360, which runs Android Wear.

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Dozens of times each year, large and small watch companies sponsor popular people and widely-attended events (or so they believe), in the hopes of reaching the eyes and hearts of fans and followers. The accumulation of these marketing efforts, and others like them, probably add up into the billions of dollars each year.

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Formula 1 is a popular global event and hence countless watch brands have participated in it. Our James Stacey earlier this year discussed the topic in: "Why Sponsor A Formula 1 Team?" article here
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Cindy Livingston: My name is Cindy Livingston, and I am the President and CEO of Sequel AG, the watch company based in Zug Switzerland who has held the license for Guess and Gc watches for the past 30 years.

Let's put things into context again. The TAG Heuer Formula 1 was for a long time a great looking entry-level quartz watch for the brand. Early on, they had cool colorful plastic bezels and really neat dial designs. A few years ago, they grew up to be the daily quartz beater watch we all wanted. After that, TAG Heuer took what I believe was a step backwards in regard to both design and quality, while kicking up the price and also including an automatic version. For 2014 TAG Heuer seems to have begun to figure out how to get the Formula 1's groove back, but these pieces are all mechanical.

Inside the Botta Design UNO 24 Neo timepieces are Swiss Ronda 515.24H movements with a single hand and the date. The hand moves around the dial once each 24 hours, and allows you to read the time precisely to within a few minutes. All the companies who currently produce single-handed watches seem to reiterate the notion that these timepieces are all about "simplicity." Well, that sounds pretty obvious, but the question is, "what does that really mean?" I think the real idea at play is the notion of reading the time in a more simple manner. Trying to ease off the idea of to-the-minute precision, and understanding the day more like a cycle of gradually changing periods. Maybe this is good for some people who are quite addicted to the idea of being everywhere exactly on time.

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Secret Santa Says:

Baume & Mercier Clifton 8-Day Power Reserve 185th Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Hands-On Baume & Mercier Clifton 8-Day Power Reserve 185th Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Hands-On

There is an important challenge in regard to marketing watches that most (at least many) other advertised products do not have. Watches - unlike, say, beer - do not automatically have a demanding consumer base. People generally want beer, and while demand fluctuates, beer companies don't really need to tell consumers "here is why you want to drink beer." Instead, beer companies have the difficult goal of telling people "why you should drink our beer." With watches, the challenge is great. Not only do watch companies have to tell people why they should buy a particular watch, but also why they should buy a watch at all.

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This finishing you see on Philippe Dufour‘s watch is his hard work and his frustration of getting things right. To work at this high-level, to do this kind of finishing and this kind of quality movement, involves a lot of sweat, blood, and tears. I want a piece of this sweat.

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What you see above is the lower subdial (well, subdials, I should say) set into motion, after the actuating lever on the left side of the case has been pulled. The way this system works should be rather similar to how a minute repeater functions: as you may well be aware, a minute repeater begins its chime once a small lever on the side of the case has been pulled. The reason the lever is necessary, in the cases of both the minute repeater and the Montblanc Metamorphosis, is that both of these highly complicated mechanical movements require a lot of energy to work – in fact, the transforming complication comprises a mind-boggling 494 components alone! Therefore, as the lever is moved, it winds an auxiliary mainspring, which in turn, supplies power exclusively to the main complication of the watch.

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New Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Watches Tortured To Illustrate Durability Watch Releases

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For my tastes, the dial just feels small in the context of the overall watch. That said, there is something undeniably cool about how they have enabled anti-magnetism in the Ball Engineer II Magneto S - which, when it comes to luxury items like a watch, goes a long way. If you are of a mind to pick one up, you can do so now for a price of ,399.

Geo.Graham Tourbillon Watch Is Nice And Simple

Geo.Graham Tourbillon Watch Is Nice And Simple
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After offering a view of the detent escapement, constant force mechanism, hammers, and gongs, there isn't much left of an actual dial on the Bulgari L'Ammiraglio del Tempo's face. Though there is just enough of one to make you realize this is in fact a watch even if the dial on the Bulgari L'Ammiraglio del Tempo looks like an horological version of the Phantom of the Opera's mask. I won't even comment much on the too-short hands, which aren't particularly legible. Let's just say, people who wear the Bulgari L'Ammiraglio del Tempo watch probably aren't doing so for an at-a-glance-readable timepiece.

Making waves in the luxury industry (and within the Richemont Group itself, for that matter) for the past few years, Montblanc continues to impress with an expanding line of exquisitely designed timepieces with a serious emphasis on value. One piece in particular, the Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Ultra Slim, may just set the bar for incredible looks and impressive quality with a shockingly low price tag.

ABTW: What would you tell watch lovers in other cities that watch lovers in Boston like?

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WATCH WINNER REVIEW: Minus-8 Layer Giveaways

In this special feature article, we go on a quest to better understand what is behind the unremitting rise of luxury watch prices – and to do so, we explore how and why Rolex prices have increased over the last 60 years. While the steep increase of high-end watch prices has become evident to every discerning watch buyer on this planet, it remains difficult to point out exactly why and how things have changed so radically... or, if they have changed at all.

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3. Movement Hands-On Series Episode 1: MB&F HM6 Space Pirate

For 2014, Piaget will produce two versions of the Piaget Altiplano Chronograph - both in 41mm wide cases. First is the 18k pink gold reference G0A40031 version (with a brown alligator strap and matching gold buckle). Second is the reference G0A40031 in 18k white gold that also adds a ring of 56 diamonds (about 1.8 carats) around the bezel of the watch. Price for the Piaget Altiplano Chronograph starts at about ,000.


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METAS will also monitor the production equipment, which – when it comes to Omega testing the anti-magnetic properties of its Co-Axial Master Chronometer movements – is a massive magnet (that weighs 1,500 kilos or around 3,300 pounds) that was developed by Omega and is designed to create a permanent magnetic field that is over 15,000 gauss strong. METAS, beyond its other duties in the certification process, checks and confirms the strength of this movement. Basically, the new METAS certification is not only arguably more stringent than COSC, but it is specifically designed test for magnetic resistance.

Today, Omega has announced some very exciting news in regard to how it will certify the performance and accuracy of their timepieces with in-house produced movements. In short, Swiss Omega will continue to submit its chronometer designated movements to COSC Chronometer certification tests but, after casing up the COSC certified movements, it will put these Co-Axial Master Chronometer watches through a series of in-house tests which received a comprehensive certification by the Swiss government controlled METAS agency. One major reason for this is that moving forward more and more Omega watches will contain the company's Co-Axial Master Chronometer technology which includes both a unique type of escapement as well as anti-magnetic properties. According to parent company Swatch Group, Omega is about to offer what possibly is the most comprehensive and extensive way of certifying a mechanical watch. Let's see what all this means in practice.

There are several different variations of the Devon Works Tread 2 available, and we had the "Shining" variant in, which has a high-polish case (and other shiny bits), available at a price of ,950. While this may not be the watch for the mechanical purists, this is the sort of watch that really makes me remember why I was drawn to watches in the first place. This is why it hit that lofty personal ranking I mentioned at the outset of the review.

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The Mexican and South American watch aficionado is a curiously surprising entity, and it was, in fact, a pleasure to be around them. Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Spanish-speaking watch lovers I encountered was their incredible interest in details and mechanics above things like status and brand. In Asia, for example, brand and lifestyle are often of paramount importance. Buyers often select a brand they wish to associate with first, and a model later. Brands are selected for what they represent in regard to success, good fortune, taste, lifestyle habits, and longevity. It is as though many (not all) Asian watch buyers seek status through what they surround themselves with, and that begins with the message a brand is able to deliver. In Mexico, branding isn't unimportant, but it isn't all that seems to drive the interest of timepiece fans. Mexico City's Watch Show: What The SIAR Is Like Shows & Events

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Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. – Wednesday, December 3
Houston, Texas – Tues., April 28
Dallas, Texas – Thursday, April 30

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