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When you think of the watches coming from New Zealand-based Magrette, you might be tempted to write them off as "seen one, seen them all." While it is true that they follow a particular design style, there are some interesting variations across the lineup (not to mention the heavily-engraved series). Their latest, the Magrette Regattare Carbon, definitely ups the ante for the brand.

Given that the twelve pieces will be offered at auction, we cannot comment on the prices of the pieces – what we do know, however, is that they can be bid on between October 22nd and November 9th, 2014, via the Chivas website. It should be interesting to see how well these twelve pieces will perform – especially when compared to the historically more important pieces of Bremont. The Chivas 12 Made for Gentlemen by Bremont limited edition packaged whisky will be made available globally from September.

Casio G-Shock MT-G MTG-S1000 ,000 Metal Watches Hands-On

Casio G-Shock MT-G MTG-S1000 ,000 Metal Watches Hands-On

Oris Audi Sport Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic PAM572 Watch And New In-House P.4000 Movement Hands-On Hands-On

The "Brands" I choose, have a small annual production value. Meaning, compared with large corporate brands, these brands produce only a very small percentage of the number of watches produced annually by the larger commercial entities. The products tend to be much more niche oriented, with focus on precise market segments. Also, these “boutique” brands are service first. A service first model furthers my ideal of service.

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I would soon arrive back at the lodge knowing I had to face a post-Veyron existence that would assuredly be a more enlightened but perhaps less exciting path. I had met a hero, and I had eaten the forbidden fruit. It's not necessarily that the Bugatti Veyron is a new standard among supercars (which was certainly true when it was released), it's that the expanse that exists between the sorts of cars that have been my daily drivers (think: '89 Blazer S, '94 V6 Cavalier Wagon, '91 Mazda 929) and a car like the Bugatti Veyron gives me a true and literal understanding of the term "supercar". If Clark Kent were a car, he may well be a Jeep Cherokee or an Oldsmobile Alero, but Superman is of a different planet, and the Bugatti Veyron is simply out of this world.

The in-house made HUB 8001 movement is manually wound with 5 days of power reserve operating at 3Hz (I believe). Hublot actually claims that it has a "double Cathedral chime," probably because it has two gongs. The movement is further produced from 319 parts - which is relatively efficient for such a movement.

John Reardon: Across the price spectrum, Christie’s has clients that are buying watches for competitive prices. From a couple thousand dollars to millions of dollars, there are quality watches available at all price points. For dealers, they buy watches at auction to sell to their clients. For retail buyers, they are buying modern watches at a fraction of retail with confidence, selecting from authentic watches, properly vetted by our team of specialists. Yet the vintage market is where we are seeing unimaginable growth.

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In 2014, Panerai debuted a new time-only movement called the P.4000, which offers nothing but the hours, minutes and small seconds, as well as automatic winding – although we would not be surprised if Panerai later added more functions to this base caliber. What makes the P.4000 stand out from the rest of the brand's other calibers is that it is Panerai's first in-house movement with an off-center winding rotor; and while that may not sound like that big of a big deal, the micro-rotor still is a seldom seen – although, as we will see, very handy – feature.

To close, we take a look at the Hong Kong watch industry and how companies are returning to Hong Kong in a bid to revitalize it as a manufacturing hub and also analyze how the protests that are ongoing in the city will affect the watch industry as a whole.

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ABTW: What is Newport best known for? What do visitors have to do, see, or eat while there?

Bugatti's test driver, the affable Andy Wallace, took me out of the parking lot and down the main way to Carmel Valley Road, all the while explaining features and sharing development notes from the many versions of the Bugatti Veyron and how they affected the configuration of this Grand Sport Vitesse. He explained that the active aerodynamics and ride height of the car change with speed, braking, and whether or not you've opted to remove the roof (which limits the top speed to a barely-acceptable 229 mph).

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Buying Watches In Newport, Rhode Island: Grenon’s Of Newport

Buying Watches In Newport, Rhode Island: Grenon’s Of Newport

Girard-Perregaux Tri-Axial Tourbillon Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer Watch In Collaboration With Jaguar Cars

Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer Watch In Collaboration With Jaguar Cars

As you well know, keeping a slender case for an automatic watch (in this case, we've got the SW 220-1 beating away) is a trickier proposition for some watches. With the Mühle-Glashütte Antaria Tag/Datum, I think it is getting a nice balance of giving you a watch that easily slips under a cuff, while still allowing it to have some heft on your wrist, which lends a sense of robustness to the piece. This is all held in place on your wrist by a black leather strap set into the screwed in lugs - and while this works easily for both, I could see a brown leather (flat, as the black, or maybe a croc) taking up residence pretty easily.

Giuliano Mazzuoli Contagiri Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Christophe Claret: Unfortunately, I do not have it anymore, as someone stole it with other watches from my personal collection. After producing this pocket watch at the Geneva school of watchmaking, I used to work on skeleton watches in my workshop. These watches represent a great aesthetic and artistic research in relation to mythological symbols.

It also introduces a bit of a paradox for any potential owner, I feel. On one hand, if you are going for a MeisterSinger, you like the one-handed aesthetic and how it de-emphasizes absolute time dependency (given you are limited to reading the time with an accuracy of 5 minute increments, unless you opt for the jump-hours model). With the MeisterSinger Paleograph, you start off with that more relaxed attitude about time, and then add in some ability to track things down to the second (either via the central chrono seconds, or the small seconds at 9).

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- MusicMachine 2 features two 3.72 movements (3 refers to number of melodies on each cylinder; 72 refers to number of notes on each comb); one movement is ‘right’ configured; one movement is ‘left’ configured (they rotate in opposite directions)
- Mainplate: nickel-plated brass, decorated with Geneva waves. The mainplate holds both movements; each movement includes a mainspring, cylinder, comb and regulator
- Mainsprings: wound via conical, grooved winding keys in the form of thrusters, in nickelplated brass
- Barrels: nickel-plated brass
- Regulator fans: nickel-plated brass
- Cylinders: nickel-plated brass
- Start/stop and repeat/continue functions; 1 melody = 1 revolution of the cylinder; 3 melodies per cylinder
- Length of each melody: 36 seconds
- Power reserve per cylinder: 15 minutes
- Pins hand-applied and hand-polished
- Length of pins: 1mm; diameter of pins: 0.3mm
- Pins per cylinder: approx. 1,400
- Combs: steel alloy and lead; 72 teeth per comb; each comb attached to nickel-plated brass vibration plate
- Tail fin: Featuring winglets and central outlet grill, in lacquered aluminium or black depending on version

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2. Provenance Is Not Guaranteed

The 38mm Tangente 38 Datum on my seven inch wrist.

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