We proudly select top quality local flour and produce homemade noodles in AJI NO TOKEIDAI Noodle Factory in Aomori Prefecture. You can enjoy our unique and delicious noodles!!
Our unique noodle goes well with the soup, which has been simmered with vegetables and pork-bone for an extensive period of time.
When you combine the noodle and soup with the special toppings CHASYU(slow-cooked boiled pork) and seafood, it is match in heaven!!

The miso flavor is the most popular in our restaurant, which represents the rich Ramen history of Hokkaido. Also, we use locally produced corn, butter and Scallops.
We will do our best to provide a delicious taste of AJI NO TOKEIDAI which is made from special soup and homemade noodle. Please enjoy our Ramen!