Advantages of “AJI NO TOKEIDAI”

Franchisers are recommended for those who have desire to…

Product development, food supply, product supply, education training,
information provision and promotional support

Providing high quality products and services, Area advertising activities

Advertising activities (TV, Newspapers, Magazines)

Type of shops and size

Business center, Downtown area Commercial buildings or properties
Shop area: 50㎡~90㎡
Nationwide in Japan
(Except remote islands other than Okinawa Prefecture)
Large commercial buildings/Shopping Malls Shop area: 50㎡~90㎡
Carpark : Requires more than 15 cars spaces
Along the main highway Shop area: 330㎡~600㎡

Procedures from FC affiliation to opening a shop

①Contact us

Please contact us by email or telephone. We will provide all relevant documents by post.

②Business Orientation

Headquarters personnel will provide the business orientation.

③Consultation of FC affiliation

We will consult the opening area, opening schedules and funding plans.

④Property search

Headquarters personnel will search and investigate the property in the opening area.
Lease contract will be finalized between the merchants and the landlord.
Headquarters will act as an advisor.

⑤Profit and loss forecast, development fund plan

Headquarters will estimate the profit and loss, and we will investigate the required budget, including renovation costs.

Until the above process, there will be no charges to franchisers from headquarters.
NB: Franchisers are expected to pay transportation expenses for the property inspection


Once the opening location is confirmed, the signing of FC affiliation contract
and real estate lease contract will be processed.
Please pay the admission fee to the headquarters.
Deposit related to the lease agreement, bond, and other payments will occur.

⑦Shop renovation, staff recruitment

Headquarters personnel will organize the meeting with builders and designers before the beginning of construction and finalize design and layout.
We will recruit shop manager and part-time staff.

⑧Training of franchisers in the retailed shop

The headquarters will organize the training for franchisers at the retailed shop.

⑨Shop handover, training

Once the handover of renovations has been completed, special training will be provided by headquarters.

⑩Opening preparation

Prepare for sales promotion, staff rosters, purchase of products/food and sales planning.


※Some process might be changed due to local circumstances.

Inquiries about franchise
【Free call】0120-370-380